Meet our teachers: Jesús

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How long have you  been teaching in EPA!?

3 months

What has been your most rewarding moment  in EPA!?

When my first student stopped talking English to speak Spanish.

Do you have any funny story with a student?

One day one of my students asked me to teach him all the terms and positions of football to understand the game, it was nice.

What have you learned from your students?

All them struggle to learn Spanish, but there is a reason that makes them want to learn and this reason is always present. I learned that however difficult it may be something, we need to keep in mind where we want to go.

What methodology do you use to teach?

I really like using the comparative method. Normally the student tends to relate everything to his personal experience in order to address questions about the new language and culture they are learning.

Tell us about yourself.

I am an observer, I always try to be aware of the need of the student. I consider myself patient.

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