Meet our teachers: Victoria

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1- How was your experience working at EPA!?

My experience working as a teacher at EPA! has been great. On one hand, I’ve had the opportunity to meet people from different countries and that has allowed me to learn more about their cultures. This kind of cultural exchange is one of the most nourishing experience an individual can have. On the other hand, it is always interesting to see how the process of learning is different for each student, and that makes us put more effort to help our students fall in love with the language.

2- What do you like best of working at EPA!?

This job allows me to help people even when it is at a small extent. If I feel that my students are understanding, improving and feeling more and more comfortable with the language, then I know I’ve done my job correctly. I don’t think teaching is only a matter of knowledge, it is also about making your students feel immersed in the language now that they are also immersed in the culture.

3- How long have you been teaching in EPA!?

I’ve had the pleasure to be working at EPA! For 4 months now.

4- What methodology works best in class for you?

It depends on what I am working on, but I always try to include technology, because there are some cool tools that you can find on the web.

5- What do you think is the key to learning Spanish quickly and well?

I speak three languages, that’s why I don’t think languages are meant to be learned quickly if you want to learn them well. However, living in a Spanish speaking country is the best recommendation I can give. Immerse yourself within the culture and practice the language as much as you can. Lose the fear because in order to get better you have to make mistakes.


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